C-Skins Wetsuits

C-Skins wetsuits are the same wetsuits we use in our surf school Wellington Surf Lessons and we couldn't be happier with how good they are! We have a great new range of 4/3 C-Skins wetsuits at our surf school surf shop Wellington Surf Co for you to try on.

C-Skins wetsuits have received the highest reviews by the NZ Surf Journal. They tested different brands over several months in Dunedin and they have out performed other wetsuits, which are almost twice the price.

"From a value perspective it's a definite 10 - it outperforms a suit that costs almost twice as much"

C-Skins wetsuits are made for colder climates and are the main wetsuit used in surf schools in the UK and Ireland, so perfect for Wellington.

C-Skins wetsuits are made from limestone neoprene and the stitching in each wetsuit is made from 45 plastic bottles, making them one of the most eco-friendly wetsuits on the planet.

We welcome you to come in and try on a wetsuit at our surf school surf shop!

You can also TRY BEFORE YOU BUY at our surf school Wellington Surf Lessons and get your rental price off a new C-Skins wetsuit!