The Ultimate Learn To Surf Package Deal!

The Ultimate Learn To Surf Package Deal is the perfect set up for anyone looking to get off to the best start with surfing and to have the right equipment to learn on then progress to an intermediate level.

Included in the package is your very own brand new Vision Surfboard (SNZ Approved), C-Skins Wetsuit and Surf Accessories such as leg rope and fins. Plus you’ll get a super fun group Surf Lesson so you know how to ride it properly straight way!

“The perfect Christmas or Birthday gift to a loved one!”

   Vision Softboard

   C-Skins Wetsuit

   Group Surf Lesson 50% off

   Leg Rope


   Free Text/Surf Alerts

New Zealand
Beginner - Intermediate Level
Surf Lesson Lyall Bay
ISA Approved Surf Coaches
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About the products:
Vision Soft-boards are used in our surf school and give you proper speed and maneuverability (No more bogging on turns), so perfect for beginner – intermediate level students. They are also very light and durable compared to most soft-tops, have a carry handle and are water proof.

C-Skins Wetsuits are the same high quality wetsuits we use in our surf school. These wetsuits not only feel amazing but they are designed to last. C-Skins have been making quality eco-friendly wetsuits for over 45 years and are made for colder climates, so perfect for Wellington. These are the best wetsuits we’ve come across and our students love them!

"From a value perspective it's a definite 10 - it outperforms a suit that costs almost twice as much"
The NZ Surf Journal - Read the review

About the lesson:
The lesson you'll receive is a super fun group class and you'll have the option to choose from beginner or intermediate level. There lessons will make all the difference and you can expect to see improvements in you surfing straight away.