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Surf Voucher x1 Lesson

If you’d like to try just a single lesson first to see how it goes then this is the best option!


  • x2 hours worth of step by step expert surf instruction
  • x1 Surfboard (Choose your own size board) (Softboards only)
  • x1 Wetsuit (Choose your own wetsuit size)
  • Receive Text/Surf Alert whenever the surf is up!

About the classes:

  • Suitable for first-time surfers, beginners or those wanting to refresh or refine techniques.
  • Small groups usual ration is 1 instructor to 5 or 6 surfers or less so you can expect some good one on one time in the water alongside the group instruction.
  • Simple and effective coaching, tailored for your ability.
  • Beach awareness, understanding the wind and waves, staying safe when surfing
  • Surfboard design and use, ocean entry and correct surfboard handling
  • Catching waves with best practice body and hands position
  • Good paddling style and master the pop up technique
  • Riding your surfboard in position/posture into the beach
  • Once your riding waves we will teach you how to accelerate and turn!
  • Depending on what level you’re at we can also teach you getting out the back, positioning, wave selection, timing and takeoffs, turning and getting down the line (Intermediate level)
  • An experience of a lifetime, riding waves… thats us!
  • Group photo is taken and available on facebook on the same day
  • Ages 6+

How the vouchers work:
Bookings can be made for any time of the year and the voucher is valid for 1 year from the purchase date.  Once you purchase this lesson, you will receive a voucher with a code which will enable you to book into the days you want to take your lessons.

On the voucher will be instructions on how to sign up for our special TEXT/SURF ALERTS system – This way you can book in anytime using your voucher code and not miss a great surf session!

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions Page for all the information you need on where to meet, what to bring etc.

Please see our Recommended Lessons Section for a lesson plan you can follow.

Voucher Refund Policy:
No refunds are available after purchase.

Cancellation Policy:
Changing booking with less than 24 hours notice incurs a re-booking charge of $25 / person.
If you cancel the lesson on the day of the booking you will be charged the full lesson rate.