Steps To Becoming A Competent Surfer

We recommend the following classes to improve your surfing!
All courses are accredited by the International Surfing Association (ISA) and recognised throughout the world.

Step 1) Beginner Sessions
We recommend you book at least x2-3 sessions to make sure you have the basics in place. These classes are vital for learning about beach safety and developing correct habbits and pop up techniques.

Step 2) Practise/Rental
We recommend you do a few practise days by your self using our rentals. We will give you the safest and best boards to learn on by your self.

Step 3) Intermediate Sessions
We recommend you book at least x2-3 of these sessions to learn how to ride across the unbroken wave correctly. There is a lot of wave science behind how to do this and we are here to help guide you! (Session includes special printed hand outs to take away)

Step 4) Buy A Quality Surf Board & Wetsuit
After you have taken all the classes and feel confident in the water it will be time to buy your own board and wetsuit. As a student of ours we will be able help guide you on the exact board and wetsuit you should buy. We have top contacts in NZ to get you great prices!