Recommended Surf Lessons

Steps To Becoming A Competent Surfer

We recommend the following classes to improve your surfing!

All courses are accredited by the International Surfing Association (ISA) and recognised throughout the world.

The lessons are progressive so we recommend students take the following lesson:

  • x3 beginner lessons alongside some practise rentals
  • x3 intermediate classes alongside some practise rentals

After you have have developed your surfing to where it needs to be, you will then be able to make an informed decision on buying your own equipment and we offer expert advice to all our students at our Surf Shop.
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During each class we will be able to help students at beginner through to intermediate level (Broken to unbroken wave surfing plus turning). Just chat with us at the start of each group lesson about what you need help with.

Step 1) Beginner Sessions
We recommend you book at least x2-3 sessions to make sure you have the basics in place. These classes are vital for learning about beach safety and developing correct habbits of where to lie on the board and the correct pop up techniques used by pro surfers.
Before moving on to rentals we recommend you master the following steps:
Step a)
The Trim – Where to lie on the surf board so you are not nose diving or missing waves.
Step b)
The three step pop up technique using the back knee on the broken wave. This method is used to get you started with standing up and riding waves and it is the easiest way to stand up, as requires least amount of upper body strength. Important: You must quickly abandone using the knee after you have achieved the ability to stand up on the surf board, as this is just a temporary exercise to get you standing up quickly to build your confidents. If you were able achieve this in the 1st lesson you did great and should then move to section c during the 2nd lesson. Also don’t be disheartened if you didn’t stand up in the first class, as you would have learnt a lot and sometimes just getting used to balancing on a surfboard is an achievement in it’s self if you’re completely new to surfing!
Also we have switched over to Vision Softboards. These boards are fast and super stable! – Come try one out during your next lesson!
Step c)
Step c is the two step pop up technique using the back foot instead of the knee and requires more upper body strength than step b which uses the knee. This is vitally important as you won’t be able to get to your feet quick enough using the three step pop up technique shown in Step b, to be able to ride the unbroken wave. If you try to ride the unbroken waves using step b you will most likely always wipe out, as you only have one or two seconds to stand up on an unbroken wave before it breaks. This pop up technique also requires a solid push up to enable you to spring to your feet. Daily press ups and maybe a few palates / yoga classes are recommended leading up to this one 😉

Step 2) Practise/Rental
We recommend you do a few practise days by your self using our rentals after you have achieved step c of the beginners class . We will give you the safest and best boards to learn on by your self. Wetsuits also included!

Step 3) Intermediate Sessions
We recommend you book at least x2-3 of these sessions to learn how to ride across the unbroken wave correctly. There is a lot of wave science behind how to do this and we are here to help guide you! (Sessions now include special printed hand outs to take away)
Step a)
During the first intermediate class you will learn how to ride the unbroken wave but only going straight to start with. It is vitally important that you have mastered step c of the beginner class (the two step pop up technique using your feet not your knees) before taking this class. Timing is extremely important to achieve this so we will teach you on land and then in the water how to judge the waves correctly.
Step b)
Once you have mastered unbroken wave surfing going straight, we will then show you how to turn the board properly to ride across the wave at great speed. It is important you learn to turn the board the moment you stand up and sometimes even prior to standing up depending on what the wave is doing. You will be learning how to dig the rail in on the wave so it turns quickly and effectively. This is a very different experience to riding the broken wave and most people who get to this stage, become hooked on surfing for life.

Step 4) Buy A Quality Surf Board & Wetsuit
After you have taken all the classes and feel confident in the water it will be time to buy your own board and wetsuit. As a student of ours we will be able to help guide you on the exact board and wetsuit you should buy.  Remember it’s important you get the right length surf board for your ability and size. Since we have worked with you in the water we will know exactly the board that will work best for you.
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Text Alerts / Accurate Surf Report on our Facebook Page with Pics
“The best way to book your surf lesson is to receive TEXT ALERTS every time the surf is up! – This way you can book in anytime and not miss a great surf session!” Just text your full name to 0211764073

Also like our facebook page click here as we will be posting pics every day the surf is up at the best part of the beach, so you’ll know what it’s really like. Surf reports are usually not very accurate and webcams only show specific spots on the beach. Often the surf appears flat because the tide is too high and then a few hours later can be really good learner waves. We will let you know the best tide and location to surf through our local knowledge!

Also if you enjoyed your lessons we would greatly appreciate it if you left a review on our facebook page so others can know about your surfing experience with us 🙂

Recommended Lesson Plan
Beginner class
Lesson 1 -Step a & b
Lesson 2 – Step c
Rentals x2-3 practise sessions by your self on our softboards
Lesson 3 – Step c
Lesson 4 – Step a
Lesson 5 – Step b
Lesson 5 – Step b
Rentals x2-3 practise sessions by your self on our softboards
x1 follow up lesson if required.
Buy your own surfboard plus wetsuit and enjoy surfing!!!
Remember occasional top up lessons are available anytime you need 🙂