New Surf School Surf Shop & 2nd Hand Wetsuit Sale!!!

Hi Surfers!

We are super excited to announce that we will finally be opening our door’s to our surf student’s for the pre-launch of our Surf School Surf Shop – Wellington Surf Co. Alongside the pre-launch will be our long-awaited second hand wetsuit sale, where we will be selling all our surf school wetsuits at discount prices. Late October will be our 2nd hand board sale. We welcome you to come in and check out what we have been working on for the past few months!

Our shop will be open everyday from 11am-4pm. Click here for shop location

Below is an overview of what you will find in our shop!

We can’t wait to see you all in the shop and we thank you for supporting local! 🙂

Yours in SURFING!

Team at Wellington Surf Lessons

Second Hand Wetsuit Sale
We are doing a special second hand wetsuit sale (starting Sunday Oct 11th) and will be giving all our students first chance to buy before we open them up to the public. Will be first in first served, so you’ll need to be quick!

Note: There will also be a second hand surfboard sale at the end of October.

C-Skins Wetsuits (Eco-friendly lime stone neoprene)
We are very excited to be switching over to C-Skins wetsuits, which is the number one wetsuit brand used in surf schools in the UK and Ireland. They  are also being used here in New Zealand by the NZ Surf Academy and Surfing NZ. C-Skins have been making quality wetsuits for over 45 years and are designed for colder climates, so perfect for Wellington. We tested them out with our students over the last few weeks and our students loved them!

If you’d like to come in and try a new C-Skins wetsuit, we have a full range in stock for you to choose from. We can’t recommend a better wetsuit!

Vision Soft-boards (Eco-friendly / waterproof)
We are also upgrading to Vision Soft-boards for our surf school, so there will be a 2nd hand surfboard sale at the end of October (Dates coming soon!). The great thing about the Vision Boards is that they almost feel like you’re on a hard top surfboard in terms of speed and maneuverability (No more bogging on turns) with awesome volume, so perfect for beginner – intermediate level students. They are also super light and durable compared to most soft-tops, plus they are water proof, which means they won’t become super heavy over time. The NZ Surf Academy have Vision Boards that have lasted as long as 7 years, which is super impressive!

Surf Slide Skateboards
Surf skateboards are perfect for learning how to surf, it helps improve key elements of surfing technique. Once you master basics, you will find your surfing much easier once you enter the water, better balance, longer rider and more fun. Also when the surf is flat you’ll still be able to continue to improve out of the water!

Surf skate classes will also be happening over summer when the surfs flat.

Slide is Affordable Quality at $329 compared to other surf skate brands.

Click Here To See A Review On Slide Surf Skates 

Surf Accessories
We also have a great range of high quality surf accessories such as C-Skins Booties & Gloves, Wax (Organic), Sun Screen (Reef friendly) and leg ropes.

Wellington Surf Co Hoodies – 20% off!
Support local and buy one of our locally designed and printed hoodies. All students will receive 20% off a fair trade / organic cotton Wellington Surf Co Hoodie.

Gemma Lee Wetsuits (Eco friendly / Limestone Neoprene)
Come in and check out Gemma Lee’s stunning Locally designed, New Zealand made designer wetsuits!

Try Before You Buy Option!
We really want you to make the right choice on buying the right equipment, so you can continue to build confidence in the water. We can guide you on the right equipment to buy during our surf classes, based on your surfing ability and goals (It’s very important to get the right length and volume surfboard for your height, weight and ability). You can also trial run some of our equipment at your lesson or by doing a practice rental, to make sure you are happy with it before buying. We have a range of recommended beginner to intermediate level boards for you to choose from. You can also buy the same high-quality C-Skins wetsuits we use in our surf school.

More summer stock coming soon!


Wellington Surf Lessons is New Zealand owned and operated.