Slide Surfskates

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About Slides:
Slide Surf Skateboards are quite different from other surf trainers. One of the first thing that you'll notice when getting on a Slide Skate is its great stability. They’re great for pumping and commuting making Slides ideal for Street, Pool & Park riding. A key Advantage of stability and low height is that the Slide is Highly Pushable something rarely found in most surf skates. The Limited Turning Angle, Tightness and Tall Risers of the truck makes the board virtually Wheelbite-Free

Slide is Affordable Quality at $329 compared to other surf skate brands.

Slides are great for the following types of riders:

  • Beginner surf skaters and surfers who are seeking effective cross-training but don’t have skateboarding experience – stability is essential here.
  •  Short Distance Commuters (1-2 miles) in tight city areas.
    You can push and pump comfortably through town on a Slide without killing yourself. Slide boards provide a low ride, responsive pumping, and easy pushing.
  • Carving Lovers looking for the next step beyond a regular carving longboard (e.g. the Loaded Poke) The Slide truck allows for tight turns without being overly loose.

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