Group Classes

Joining a group of like-minded people looking for something new to try is always loads of fun. We get you down to the beach, run through some basic steps that will have you standing up on your board in the safest and easiest way possible and some basic safety instructions and we get you out in the water as soon as we can.

Our group classes cater for students of all ages, from kids as young as 7 years old surfing with their parents through to adults of all ages.

These classes are perfect for individual surfers looking to join a fun group of people to surf with, groups of friends and also families looking to have a fun day of surfing.

We teach beginner through to intermediate level surfing in our group classes. Once you've mastered all the basics you can then book a private group lesson or take the personal trainer option.

Individual Help During Group Classes
Need some individual help during our group classes? No problem! You just need to chat with us at the start of the lesson about your surfing experience and what you feel you need help with. We will then give you some individual help during the class to fine tune your surfing. After taking your 2-3 group classes you can then do some practise rentals then book a private lesson to advance you further.

Please note the beach safety does not have to be repeated during every class. You can therefore get some practising in whilst others in the group class are learning about this for the first time. We do however recommend you go through it more than once to make sure you fully understand it.

About Kids
The group lessons are a mixed class of adults and kids so you can surf with your kids! Or if you prefer, a private group lesson or birthday party can be arranged just for the kids. All kids are provided with the right surfboard and wetsuit to get them having the most fun and learning quicker.

Important: For less experienced kids or kids younger than 11 we require the parent to supervise them at knee height in the water at all times during the class.

  For beginners we use soft, stable surfboard which are easy to balance, paddle, stand & surf on

  Learn in a group

  Expert instruction from qualified Surfing NZ Instructors

  2 hours

"I highly recommend taking lessons with this crew whether you're a complete beginner or wanting to improve technique and gain more confidence. Stuart and Lisa are great instructors, i have taken lessons in many places around the world and these guys are top of my list!"

Amanda Hale (Local Surfer)