Group Classes

The group classes are designed for both beginner through to intermediate level students students of all ages, from kids as young as 7 years old surfing with their parents through to adults of all ages.

These classes are perfect for individual surfers looking to join a fun group of people to surf with, groups of friends and also families looking to have a fun day of surfing.

Lessons are progressive so we recommend students take 2-3 beginner lessons alongside some practise rentals then 2-3 intermediate classes.

Wellington Surf Lessons is based at Lyall Bay Beach and also goes mobile to catch the best surf conditions on the Kapiti Coast (Titahi Bay and Otaki) and Castlepoint.

We have a surf shop located in Miramar so once you've got your surfing to where it needs to be, you can book a FREE Consultation with one of our instructors on the best equipment to buy based on your current surfing ability and goals.

What's included:

  For beginners we use the Surfing NZ approved Vision Softboards which are easy to balance, paddle, stand & turn on

   Super warm C-Skins wetsuits

  Expert instruction from qualified Surfing NZ Instructors

  2 hours of expert coaching

You can buy singular lessons, or for an even better deal, you can buy package deals and receive mulitple lessons at a discount rate.




Classes To Choose From

Beginners Class
Beginner classes will focus on all the important fundamentals you should know before hitting the water by yourself eg beach safety, body positioning, basic pop up techniques, catching waves in the white water and more.

After taking a few classes we highly recommend students do some practise rentals to practise by them selves.

Intermediate Class
Intermediate classes will focus on riding unbroken waves, how to get through the waves properly, correct positioning to catch unbroken waves, how to turn and ride across the wave, advance pop up techniques and much more!

These classes are suitable for students who have taken at least 2-3 beginner classes, had some practise by them selves and are feeling confident with their pop up in white water.


Need some individual help during the classes?

If you need some individual help during our group classes, don't hesitate to chat with  just one of the team at the start of the lesson about your current surfing experience and what you feel you need help with. We will then give you some individual help during the class to fine tune your surfing.


About Kids

The group lessons are a mixed class of adults and kids so you can surf with your kids! Or if you prefer, a private group lesson or birthday party can be arranged just for the kids. All kids are provided with the right surfboard and wetsuit to get them having the most fun and learning quicker.

Important: For less experienced kids or kids younger than 11 we require the parent to supervise them at knee height in the water at all times during the class.


Recommended Lesson Plan

The lessons are progressive so we recommend students take the following lesson plan:


"I highly recommend taking lessons with this crew whether you're a complete beginner or wanting to improve technique and gain more confidence. Stuart and Lisa are great instructors, i have taken lessons in many places around the world and these guys are top of my list!"

Amanda Hale (Local Surfer)