Surf Skateboards

We have a great selection of high quality surf skateboards for you to choose from at surf school surf shop called Wellington Surf Co based in Wellington.

We help guide our students the perfect surfskate for them to buy based on their goals and surfing ability.

Slide Surf Skates
Slide surf skateboards are the best surfskates for beginner to intermediate level surfers.
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- Try before you buy at our surf school and receive the rental price of your new surfboard or wetsuit!
- Receive 50% off a hooded towel with every surfboard or wetsuit purchase!
- Awesome range of surf skateboards available - Free short lesson & demo before you buy!

Make An Appointment:
Please TEXT the Surf School on 0211764073 to make a time to meet one of our team at the surf shop before coming in!

Wellington Surf Co
32 Tauhinu Road,