Surfskate Training

Surfskates are being used by top surf schools in Australia and now at Wellington Surf Lessons to help students progress more effectively.

Surf skate training is a great way to improve your surfing techniques. You can practise manoeuvres over and over again and build up muscle memory during this process. Back in the water everything will click and slide in position.

Slide Surfskates have a special designed front truck that rotates, which allows the skateboard to move and respond just like a surfboard.

Surf Skills learnt will include:

  • Basic, posture and balance
  • Generating speed (pumping)
  • Various manoeuvres including bottom turns, cutbacks, carving and snaps.


  • ALL equipment; Slide Surfskates, knee pads & helmets
  • Experienced surf / skate coaches
  • Guaranteed FUN!

Check out this Slide Surfkskate video for some inspiration!