Frequently Asked Questions

What are the locations?
Wellington Surf Lessons is based at Lyall Bay Beach (where the majority of lessons are held) and also goes mobile to catch the best surf conditions on the Kapiti Coast (Titahi Bay and Otaki) and occasionally Castlepoint, Wairarapa.

When do lessons take place?
We teach every day the surf is up and offer day sessions, special summer evening sessions from 6pm – 8pm on weekdays and also hold lessons over the weekend. We don’t have set lesson days and times as it is weather, surf and tide dependent. Please make sure you sign up to receive our TEXT ALERTS via the contact page so you can book in when ever the surf is up!

How can I book lessons?
Simply visit the contact page and all the instructions will be there.

What is the lesson cost?
First surf lesson is $75 for 2 hours (Includes all equipment such as surf board and wetsuits). Then for any additional lessons you book we will be offering a discount rate of $65.00
Note these rates apply for adult and kids lessons.
Note if you bring your own wetsuit or surfboard to the lesson, there will be no reduction of lesson cost. We also recommend you learn on our especially designed learner soft-boards to begin with for safety reasons and ease of learning on.
Further discounts apply for larger group bookings upon request.

Is all the equipment provided during the lesson?
Yes all equipment such as boards and wetsuits are included in the lesson at no extra cost.

What do I need know on the day of the lesson?

1) Please make sure you have our cell number 0211764073 on your phones and your phones are turned on so you can check our messages! This is important in case of a last minute location change.
2) Please don’t be late to the lesson otherwise you will hold everyone up.
3) If you have your own wetsuit and/or board then please bring them and let us know prior to the lesson via text asap if you are providing your own equipment.
4) Girls please be sure to arrive with your swim suits already on under your clothes as there will be no proper changing rooms at the beach.

Where do we meet on the day of the surf lessons?
Lyall Bay
Location 1
Meet at the nice new carpark with a concrete wall behind it (Back of The Warehouse) to the left of Spruce Goose Cafe (if facing towards the cafe from the beach as in the picture).
Lyall Bay Parade
(Feel free to text me once you arrive 0211764073)
Spruce Goose Cafe below.
Carpark area belowYou will be able to spot all our surfboards on the grassy patch.
Location 2 (Only if we text you the surf is to small on the day to hold it at location 1)
Meet at the car park outside the new Surf Life Saving Club (The blue building). You should be able to spot all our surf boards on the foot path.
Wellington, New Zealand

What time do we meet?
This will be given to you once you have made the booking via text alert.

When will I know what time my lesson will be?
You will receive a text alert which will indicate available lesson times for you to book.

How do I pay for the lessons
You can either pay online and receive a voucher from our website or pay $75.00 when you arrive at the lesson. Sorry no eftpos machine at the beach so please make sure you bring cash if you choose this option.
Note: All equipment such as boards and wetsuits provided at lesson at no extra cost.
After your first lesson we offer a special discount of $65.00 for an additional lessons you take.

What is the cost of rentals?
  • Board hire 2 Hours $35
  • Wetsuit hire 2 Hours $25
  • Board & Wetsuit hire package deal 2 Hours only $50.00

What should I bring to the lesson?
Sun Screen
Warm dry clothes to put on afterwards
Swim wear
Water bottle

Where can I store my belongings?
We have a vehicle at the beach where we can safely secure your belongings.  Please note we take no resonsibility for lost or stolen property.

How do kids lessons work?
For kids between the age of 5-12 we recommend the parent is also there with the child in the water or watching closely from the beach. The group lessons are a mixed class of adults and kids so you can surf with your kids! Or if you prefer, a private group lesson or birthday party can be arranged just for the kids. It is fine for kids to take part with the adult students as long as a parent is there to assist if they are 12 or under. Also some parents enjoy surfing together with their children. Wetsuit and board hire is available for the parents or they are welcome to book a lesson with the child.

Should I take group classes or private lessons?

We actually don’t offer one on one private lessons anymore, as we have found the group classes to be just as effective as a private session and at half the cost. When you take a group lesson you will still get plenty of one on one time in the water with the instructor and it will also be a lot more fun in a group learning environment.

Please note only group classes are available unless you book in a private session for a large group of x6 or more people for a special event such as a birthday.

I would like to see my surf photos from the lessons.. where can I find them?
All the lesson pics are posted on facebook with in a week of you taking your lessons.

Do you do Surf Board & Wetsuit Rentals?
Rentals are available to those students who have taken some beginner classes and would like to practise on their own. Please make sure you text us on 0211764073 to book a rental prior to arriving at the beach.

Do you sell vouchers?
Yes surf lesson vouchers can be bought and taken any time we are running classes.

How can I redeem my voucher?
Please sign up for text alerts by texting us your first and last name to 0211764073. When you go to book in please text us your voucher number. If you have a Real Surf Voucher you must bring this along to the lesson.

I want to buy my own surf equipment.. how can I make the right choice and get the best value?
After you have taken all the classes and feel confident in the water it will be time to buy your own board and wetsuit. As a student of ours we will be able help guide you on the exact board and wetsuit you should buy.

How can I contact the team at WSL?
Below are ways you can contact us
Cell: 0211764073 (Speak to the manager anytime)
Instagram: Wellington Surf Lesson

I want to improve my surfing as quickly as possible, how many and what classes do you recommend I take?
Please click here to see recommended classes